Sandia Labs helps wounded veterans onto the career track

Combat veterans often return with wounds, some visible, some not.

Sandia National Laboratories has launched a hiring program with the goal of helping those wounded warriors get into the workforce and develop career-based skills and experience.

“We want to give back to those who have given so much to our country,” said James Peery, director of Sandia’s Information Systems Analysis Center and supporter of the Labs’ Wounded Warrior Career Development Program (WWCP). “They’ve earned the right to work here.”

Four people have been hired so far and three more have begun the process.

The program helps combat-injured veterans catch up to their peers who entered the civilian workforce instead of military service. “It can be hard for someone who’s been in the infantry or behind a rifle to develop technical skills and a resume,” said H.E. Walter II, a Sandia security specialist and co-chair of the Wounded Warrior Working Group, part of the Labs’ Military Support Committee. “They are trained, experienced leaders, but their skills don’t always translate into a civilian resume.”

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